Monday, February 23, 2009

My Blogging Skillz Suck

Maybe, just maybe, I will start blogging on this here blog again. I find that a lot of my life's adventures revolve around the craziness that is motherhood, so most of my blogging is done on my other blog. I have not shopped, barely have watched me some TV, and have not been dealing with too many people. You'd think I wouldn't have anything to bitch and blog about, but I'm sure there are some smart ass remarks trapped within my sarcastic soul (sarcasoul?) that need to be set free.

I do need to bitch about the moving experience we have had lately, and by lately I mean the past 16 months. Two words: The Navy.

Now that I have my Tivo and mini-van back, I will have important things to talk about.

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